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Common sense of forklift battery

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Common sense in using forklift battery:

1. The new electric forklift must be recharged after the battery is used up for the first time, and it should be sufficient for more than 10 hours at a time. It can be used continuously for 4-5 hours after each charge. When charging for the second time, the battery will stop charging one hour after the green light is on. If the charging time is long, it will damage the battery and shorten its service life.

2. Every time you use the car, try to keep the battery with excess power. If you run out of power, the electrode in the battery will be damaged and it will not be able to charge.

3. The maintenance of the battery car is mainly to take care of it at ordinary times, try not to damage the circuit, and keep the battery clean when not in use.

4. When charging, plug in the battery first and then connect to the power supply. After charging, dial the power supply first and then the battery socket.

Precautions for battery use

1. The battery will produce hydrogen, which may cause explosion. It is strictly forbidden to smoke near the battery, and it is strictly forbidden to produce any flame or spark. When the battery is stored or charged, it must be well ventilated, but not at the exhaust port to avoid corrosion caused by acid mist.

2. The battery liquid contains corrosive liquid, which may cause serious burns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothes. In case of accident, please flush with plenty of water immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. When checking or maintaining the battery, please use rubber gloves to avoid electric shock.

4. The battery surface or connection must be kept clean. Dust, impurities, etc. must be removed with a wet cloth, otherwise it will leak electricity, or even lead to fire.

5. When cleaning the battery, be sure to use wet cloth instead of dry cloth.

6. Do not connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery with tools.

7. When charging, the temperature of electrolyte should not exceed 50O, so as to avoid damage caused by electrolyte overflow, especially in summer and daytime.

8. Before pulling the battery tap, in order to avoid sparks, be sure to turn off the charger switch.

9. The electrolytic liquid level should not be lower than the minimum limit, otherwise the battery is easy to heat and burn.

10. Keep children away.


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